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Concrete Cleaning

Welcome to Aqua Capture concrete cleaning services in Brisbane, we have provided high-pressure water cleaning services to the government, commercial and industrial concrete floors for over 20 years, our investment into the concrete pressure cleaning industry ensures our customers get the best possible results every time the first time.

When cleaning concrete, Aqua Capture can offer a ride on high pressure water cleaning machinery to clean large concrete floor areas, not many other pressure cleaners in Brisbane can offer this service.

On all our concrete cleaning jobs, wastewater is vacuum collected, recycled and disposed of in accordance with the EPA regulations ensuring we save the environment from polluted water that would otherwise enter stormwater drains, creeks and rivers.

Hard Surface Concrete Cleaning Services Brisbane 

  • Factory Floor Cleaning
  • Airport Runway Cleaning
  • School Concrete Cleaning 
  • Car Park Cleaning Grease And Oil Removal
  • Footpath Cleaning And Chewing Gum Removal
  • Concrete Cleaning Brisbane
  • Street Cleaning
  • Median Strip Cleaning
  • Traffic Island Cleaning
  • Liquid Spill Recovery Services
  • Confined Space Cleaning 
  • Grease Pit Cleaning And Sludge Removal
  • Sports Stadium Concrete Pressure Cleaning
  • Vacuum Waste Water Collection And Disposal

As most car parks and government and commercial cleaning must be done after hours to avoid any inconvenience and to ensure public safety comes first.

Need a concrete cleaning quote in Brisbane? Send your details VIA a free SMS text message directly to our mobile phone alternatively call direct or email. 

Servicing Brisbane CBD and North, South, East and Western suburbs concrete pressure cleaning specialist.

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